PoiSonic Poi APA102 image converter for Teensy:

This is a modified version of Mortonkopf's image conversion utility for use with his persistence-of-vision poi Arduino sketch. (Project page here, PJRC forum discussion thread here.) By removing the regular image re-rendering during the generation of the hex code array, the utility now generates code almost instantaneously. This enhancement was done by Josh Horowitz. The code has also been annotated and is available for review and additional contribution here.

Below is the original text associated with the image converter, and the enhanced utility follows:

This code generates a hex code array from an image for use in the APA102 pixel poi. The array in the output box can be copied into the const array[] of the ino sketch. This utility has been written by mortonkopf for use with 24 bit rgb arrays using Teensy. Enter led number(eg 60) and number of slices to divide your image into (eg.150), then select the image you want, then hit the button. Wait while the code is generated, then Copy the code. This code currently works, but best to use images of very low res, pre processed, otherwise poor quality output.

 Output width(number of image slices)

 Output Height(number of leds on Poi)